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    Our retail contractors are here to build and/or renovate your business to help you attract new customers and maximize revenue.

    AJ Contracting Services provides building and renovation services for retail stores of all varieties. From grocery stores to clothing boutiques, salons, spas, and so much more, our retail contractors will ensure your facility meets its true potential.

    Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough County Retail Store Construction

    AJ Contracting Services leads the retail construction project from the initial design phase, all the way through to the opening of the store. Our company is designed to lend important assistance to retail property owners and developers every step of the way.

    When you provide your customers with a brand-new facility built to your exact specifications, you will have the perfect amount of space to accommodate operations, customers, and employees. There is no sense spending money on unused space when our retail contractors can construct a facility that is specifically designed to suit your business.

    Our Retail General Contractors Also Perform Commercial Renovations

    We are here to help your business grow and stay competitive. Commercial renovations will make your facility that much more appealing to current customers, as well as prospective customers and even your employees.

    A strategic retail renovation has the potential to re-brand the entire business. Renovation enhances the aesthetic appeal and functionality of retail stores, restaurants, and other product/service providers. This is your chance to get a fresh start and make your business more appealing to Bay area shoppers.

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