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    Custom Homes

    Our team is ready to assemble your dream home.

    Your home is one of the most substantial purchases that you can make.  This is your chance to enjoy a fully custom home that reflects your family’s identity and maximizes every square foot of your plans. As a custom home builder, we pride ourselves on seamlessly bringing your plans to life.

    Tampa Bay’s Experienced Custom Home Building Team

    We have been in the Residential and Commercial construction business for more than thirty years. Our custom home building team goes to great lengths to personalize every new home to each client’s specifications.

    Whether you envision your property with a spacious new patio, a set of unique stairs and handrails, or a unique floor design, we can make it happen. All you have to do is meet with our team of specialists, explain your vision for your new home, and we will begin planning the construction.

    Our Network of Professionals Turns Your Home Vision into Your Reality

    Custom home building requires expertise, experience, and professional relationships.  AJ Contracting Services has developed an expansive network of professional relationships over the past 30 years. We work alongside architects, engineers, construction lenders, and specialized subcontractors to build the perfect custom homes. This team-oriented approach empowers our custom home building professionals to produce highly unique homes in the Tampa Bay area that prove distinct and in a class of their own.

    Every Property Owner Deserves a Custom Home

    There is no sense investing your hard-earned money into a home that you aren’t excited to come back to every day. We take all of your ideas regarding your new home’s design, features, layout, or other details; share them with us.

    Alternatively, if you prefer that our custom home building professionals spearhead the creative process for your new home, we can provide you with many ideas you are sure to love. You can reference from existing floor plans or have our team brainstorm designs for any and every aspect of your new home.

    The Merits of a Custom Home

    Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco County residents lean towards custom home building for a variety of reasons. A custom-built home makes a property distinct. Whether you have a narrow plot of land or property that has a spectacular view, a custom home makes the most of your unique location. Stand out from the neighborhood with AJ Contracting Services custom and luxury home building.

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